A Story for Relaxation

A Story for Relaxation

It’s always good to have some time to relax after a day in school. Parents, read the below passage to your children to guide them into a beautiful relaxation session…

Lie on your back with legs slightly away from each other and palms facing up. Close your eyes and relax your whole body. Feel the cool air entering your body energizing you and the warm air coming out of body bringing out all the negative energy from you. As you breathe in and out feel your body being energised. Now you are totally relaxed.

As you are feeling relaxed visualise a beautiful butterfly flying around your body. Look at the colourful wings of the butterfly. How many colours does it have? As it is flying around your body, your body feels relaxed. The butterfly flies higher to the sky. You too are following it. Your body is feeling so light that you can float up to the sky. As you reach the clouds, you choose a cloud and sit on it. Feel the softness of the cloud. The cloud is moving around taking you with it. From the top you can see the wonderful and colourful nature – mountains, trees, rivers and so much more! You can see you own house too.

As you follow the butterfly into your house, you can see (name all the people in the house) happily talking to each other. You can see that everyone has a big smile on their faces and everyone has enjoyed spending time with each other. All this is making you happy. With this happy feeling, you come back to your own mat (or bed). Recall back all the wonderful feelings you felt today.

As you are softly breathing in and out repeat this mentally for 3 times.

“I am a successful and a happy child, and I love my family.”

Now gently rub your palms together, place your hot palm on your closed eyes until palm gets cool.

Gently move your body and when you are ready come to sitting position.

Try this out!

Humming Bee Breath

Sitting in a comfortable position, close the eyes and relax the body taking in a few breaths. Plug the ears with the index fingers and as you breathe out, make a humming sound (or simply make the ‘mmmmm…’ sound) like that of a bee. Repeat this 5 times. After the 5th time, keep the eyes closed and enjoy the sense of relaxation.

This article was featured in YogaMail Jan-Mar 2012 issue.

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