Toddler Yoga

Toddler Yoga

Toddler Yoga

Never Too Young to Learn!

Playful moments for our young learners to learn about their bodies and its functions while reaping the benefits of yoga exercises. Toddlers love to roam free with their newfound autonomy. Let them explore and experiment their motor skills freely and more important – purposefully!

A great time for parents to guide their toddlers through this discovery stage and watch the little ones sparkle at their achievements!

Suitable for toddlers age 2 – 3.

Weekly : 60 minutes

Why Toddler Yoga?

A for Autonomy

Tots are often bumping around enjoying and experimenting with their new found autonomy. Toddler Yoga sessions allow them to discover different movements with their body in a safe and nurturing environment.

B for Bubbly

The times spent with parents are indeed the happiest times for toddlers. The connection and sense of security provided by the parents is surely the right formula for a happy and bubbly toddler!

C for Confidence

As muscles are strengthened with the many gross and fine motor skills in the Toddler Yoga sessions, toddlers will naturally feel more comfortable to engage in activities they have never attempted before. The readiness in their body gives them the green light to venture ahead confidently.

D for Development

Yoga complements every stages of development in a child. For the growing child, Yoga helps to ‘remind’ the body of the importance of proper posture, thus setting a healthy habit for years to come. Yoga also fosters emotional health. Emotional development is vital in this stage as children learn through the reactions of their actions. The Toddler Yoga class provides a conducive place for them to learn and grow.

E for Edu-joyment

Toddlers are always presented with enjoyable sessions in the Toddler Yoga class. Rest assured that education is never short from entertainment in this case. They get to learn while having fun through play and movements. This is better than rote learning in any given day.

F for Friends

Toddlers need lots of friends! Being among friends teaches them to share and communicate positively with each other.  These are important traits for the growing child who will soon attend formal school. The Toddler Yoga sessions allow them to graciously move into and be a part of a healthy social circle.