Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course

Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course

Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course

Learn and Earn and Have Lots of Fun!

A comprehensive course that is equipped with a wide repertoire of children’s yoga teaching techniques to stimulate young minds while nurturing their physical and mental development.

Acquire creative skills to provide positive grooming and to teach yoga to children in a creative yet safe manner and be enlightened with the know-how of guiding children to increase their mental capacity and attention span while helping them to gain proper body posturing to compliment wholesome learning.

Learn important techniques to get children to love yoga movements while benefiting from them!

The fun-filled practical sessions will have you equipped with teaching materials by the end of the course, leaving you all geared up to run your own kids yoga classes!

This is a great foundation to develop progressive modules to sustain a long term children yoga class and to gain the know-how of creating a fun and conducive learning environment for children.

The Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course is packed with an interesting and fun-filled syllabus to understand the importance of yoga for children. Start tapping into this lucrative potential of an ever growing segment of children’s education industry and most importantly, be trained to bring up mentally and emotionally healthy children.

What you will learn:

  • Overall concept of yoga and yoga for children
  • Yoga asana for children
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) for children
  • Relaxation and positive visualisations for children
  • Mind acceleration and memory training techniques
  • Creative teaching techniques
  • Creating teaching materials

Who should attend:

  • Yoga instructors
  • Child educators & school teachers
  • Parents & caretakers
  • Counsellors (for teenagers and  children)

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Why Become a Kids Yoga Instructor?

Increases Your Creative Juices

Teaching Yoga to kids allows us the opportunities to respond creatively to their antics. Kids respond differently from adults. Hence, any given opportunity to interact with them will ensure a consistent flow of creative thoughts and sharpened alertness!

Imparts Seva

Seva (or loosely translated as service) is an essential aspect of Yoga. It teaches us to serve without prejudice or discrimination. Kids do not differentiate their friends through cultural race or skin colour. Being given an opportunity to participate in their social circle opens our mind to their love while allowing us to be embraced by this wonderful selfless act.

Discover Yourself

Teaching Yoga motivates us to learn more about ourselves. As we teach, we deepen our own practice. Through this, we enrich our understanding of Yoga and appreciate its effects on our total wellbeing. And teaching kids will most definitely allow you to discover the radiant child within!

Brightens Your Day

Having kids around is always a joy and a privilege. Their cheerful laughter is contagious and they are always ready to put a smile on our face. Every precious moment spent with them is surely laced with high energy and vitality.

Inspires Growth

Teaching Yoga constantly encourages us to express the positive side of our personality. While we teach the Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga to kids, we naturally embrace those qualities ourselves. It inspires us while we are inspiring others.

It Makes You Rich

Teaching Yoga to kids will not only gain you monetary income, it makes you rich as a complete person. The health benefits of Yoga, the joy of teaching and sharing, and the pure love that is displayed, all these (and more) enrich the person through and through!

Graduates' words....

"The Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course is a strong foundation to continue my development as an effective kids yoga instructor. It has added depth to my kids classes without sacrificing the fun elements.

...Teaching children is such a joy as they don't judge and can open us to so many new ideas."

- Grace Tan


"The course helped me to understand the feelings and enthusiasm of children better and I am able to manage their emotions according to their needs, and maximise their abilities and talents. I would recommend this course to all, especially parents, teachers and those who want to start a family. Now I understand children as they are."

- Mona Cheong


"The SYKIC is so well structured, encompassing a theory portion explaining the effective art of communicating intricacies of Yoga postures to children without compromising its contents. It appeared important that parents are made to understand, Yoga for kids is taught in a playful manner at times, to engage their minds to remain focused while the effects of these postures and other yogic techniques gradually make a difference when practice regularly.

We were given the space and comfort to be sporting, trusting, encouraging, open and creative ~ coupled with Loads of FUN! All of us, who were initially apprehensive about getting down to moving like children, enjoyed the sessions thoroughly as days went by.

Because of the way the class was conducted, coupled with the amazing energy that fellow participants and the teacher contributed, it sparked an Inspiration to do my best in nurturing my dormant potential. Materials created in our required assignments were soon used as practical teaching materials. SYKIC has been about self-acceptance and self-learning, as well as 'hard-work' in breaking my mental fatigue then."

- K. Saravana Sealan


"The SYKIC sessions were filled with enjoyment and fun! We were trained to be creative and innovative when conducting the Kids Yoga Class and each assignment were presented with creativity coupled with volcanic laughter! Seriousness was present when we discuss about the asanas and theories about child development.

What did I learne from all this? I came to understand that in order to communicate effectively with kids, we have to be like one of them; act like them; think like them and most of all be with them with our purest sincerity."

- Julie Hoh


"SYKIC taught me to combine yoga with various techniques to stimulate the kids’ and teenagers’ minds and also nurture their physical and mental development. The course teaches us to communicate effectively with kids, be like them, act like them, think like them and most of all be with them with sincerity, care and presence."

-L.H. Foo



LocationCommencement DateDuration
DamansaraApril 15, 20245 days
BangsarApril 21, 20245 Sundays
DamansaraJune 02, 20245 Sundays
BangsarJuly 28, 20245 Sundays