Pre-Natal (Pregnancy) Yoga Instructor Course

Pre-Natal (Pregnancy) Yoga Instructor Course

Pregnancy Yoga Instructor Course

Share the Joy, Spread the Love

Learn and be immersed in TLC movements for moms-to-be! This is the place for you to gain proper understanding on the different stages of pregnancy and learn how yoga can help during pregnancy and labour.

This course gives you specialised interactive and practical techniques to coach pregnant ladies throughout their pregnancy so you can confidently experience the joy of teaching 2 (both mommy and unborn baby)! Feel the extended joy when you help create a special bonding between mom and baby (even before birth)….

Be a part of these valuable insights on well researched techniques for guiding expectant mothers through a healthy and meaningful pregnancy, and experience the great potential in this beautiful niche market first hand!

What you will learn:

  • Overview and general understanding of pregnancy flow
  • General guidelines of yoga practices in pregnancy
  • Yoga asana for pregnancy
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) during pregnancy
  • Relaxation and positive visualizations during pregnancy
  • Living well during pregnancy, labour & beyond

Who should attend:

  • Yoga instructors
  • Midwives
  • Ladies who are planning to have a family

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Why Teach Pre-Natal Yoga?

Celebrates Life

All components of Yoga are known to promote a healthy life. As a Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor, not only do we celebrate the gift of life, but we play an important supporting role in preparing the mother for childbirth and in welcoming the baby!

The License to Teach

Teaching Yoga to pregnant ladies requires the instructor to have an extra dose of alertness and care that can only be obtained through a comprehensive training.  The demand for qualified Pre-Natal Yoga instructors is in the rise as the society begins to recognise the effectiveness of these practices. In other words, being a certified Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor gives you added value as a Yoga Instructor!

Build Families

The nurturing encouragements given to the mothers-to-be in class, even though subtle, are highly cherished as a catalyst in deepening their connection to their own bodies and emotions, and in building their families. When constantly taught in the sessions, the Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor naturally captivates these loving qualities as well.

The Cheerleader of Life

One of the distinct qualities of a qualified Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor is the aptitude to provide rich understanding and respect to the subtleties of the childbearing period. The instructor plays an important role in encouraging the mothers-to-be to be confident and to trust themselves in the course of the pregnancy, during childbirth, and also in mothering.

Comfort Food

A Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor has the specialised knowledge that empowers the beautiful mothers-to be with much needed practical and effective tools for coping with the different stages of pregnancy and childbirth. It is certainly very comforting to have useful guidance when adapting to the physical and emotional adjustments during these periods!

The Secret Recipe

Conducting Pre-Natal Yoga classes undoubtedly draws out a new form of strength and calmness from the instructor. These amazing qualities are vital in a Pre-Natal Yoga class as well as out. The dynamism of strength balanced with calmness is unquestionably the winning recipe of any successful individual!

Graduates' words....

"I find the course syllabus very informative and thorough as it covers everything from ante-natal to post-natal (even during labour as well!). There is so much to learn and the course was presented in an easy-to-understand manner. It definitely helps me in my profession as a midwife."

- Stephanie Chan, midwife


"Two and a half years has passed since I gave birth to my first baby girl. After recovering from childbirth and adjusting to new motherhood, I enrolled in the Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course by MAYI as I was keen to learn ways to bond with my child through yoga. It’s always a wonderful and meaningful fun time with my daughter now when I playfully teach her Kids Yoga.

Being so inspired by my positive experiences with yoga before and after becoming a mother, I seized the opportunity to attend Pregnancy Yoga Instructor Course (PYIC) last year, to deepen my understanding on how yoga really benefits a mother-to-be. This also allowed me to share with other pregnant mothers through pregnancy yoga lessons.

Shortly after completing the course, I became pregnant with my second baby. One of deepest impression on me during this second pregnancy is how much the visualisation and positive thinking techniques I learned from PYIC helped me even more through my second delivery.  With the comprehensive knowledge of pregnancy yoga from a teaching perspective, I was filled with even more calmness and confidence this time around. Post natal recovery was smooth and most importantly is also the mental and emotional balance that yoga has always brought to me as I now have the new challenge of being a mother of two.”

- Chin Kai San, full time mom, part time Pregnancy Yoga Instructor


“I decided to further my development as a yoga teacher by enrolling in PYIC as the certification would widen my opportunity to conduct yoga lessons which are not just the conventional. Through the experience of teaching Pregnancy Yoga, I am reminded that pregnancy is a unique process for each woman. There is a new sharpening of my alertness and awareness when managing a Pregnancy Yoga group class and so much more skills to develop as a yoga teacher. I just love the continuation of learning more and more!

A deep sense of satisfaction comes to me especially in witnessing the progress of each pregnant student through the stages of carrying her baby, the closeness with each other during group sharing in class and applying the knowledge gained from PYIC training to guide each of them.

Both new and experienced yoga students are very cautious during pregnancy especially with the many taboos in our Asian culture on do’s and don’ts. Many also have the challenge of adapting to physiological changes due to hormonal changes. There are some students who find themselves unusually stiff after becoming pregnant. I am glad to be able to coach and boost the confidence of these ladies by showing them safe ways to create more room for their baby while practising yoga and creating a session that is comfortable and enjoyable all the way towards delivery. The improved circulation, flexibility and toning help relieve tensions, aches and tiredness and they always feel more balanced and energized after each practice.”

- Vivien Teoh, mother, grandmother, part time yoga instructor


Many women discover yoga when they are pregnant. I started yoga when I was 5 months pregnant with my first son 7 years ago. Since I was new to yoga, it only took simple asanas, pranayama and meditation to feel completely relaxed and calm. It was yoga all the way for me thereafter. So when I was expecting my second son, it was only natural for me to dwell deeper into the works of pre-natal yoga. I felt this intense need to learn and teach pregnancy yoga. And what better way to experience it than when I am pregnant. Pregnancy is a very important and delicate time for expectant mothers, pre-natal yoga is not only about fitness but guiding and caring for expectant mothers through 3 trimesters in a positive and loving environment. Hence allowing mother and baby to feel calm, centred, relaxed, cheerful and great looking!”

Subashini Nair, writer, part time yoga instructor


"Yoga was already a big part of my life since childhood. Even at a young age, I realised how the practice centered and calmed me after performing hemy favorite asanas.

It was only natural that I decided to continue my quest to seek higher knowledge on yoga. While working overseas, I felt the intense desire to further expand my knowledge in yoga so I came back to Malaysia to take it up seriously in 2009.

I took up Kriya Yoga under Master Manisekaran initially and then a month later, I was so inspired and felt the transformations taking place that I decided to join the International Yoga Instructor Course (IYIC).

As I learned more I became amazed at how essential yoga is in one's life and how it can transform one for the better, so much so that I want to share it with everyone I know who will benefit from it," she enthused.

Knowing the full benefits of yoga and having completed almost all the courses offered by MAYI Yoga Academy including Urdhva Retas, it was not surprising that I conceived my baby through consistent Urdhva Retas sadhana. I wanted to be ensured of a healthy, happy and strong baby.

Feeling ecstatic at this point and also how blessed I was to carry this divine child into the world, I knew here is one of many wonderful purposes in life to fulfill.

In order to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and that yoga becomes part of my baby's life as well I then joined the Pregnancy Yoga Instructor Course offered by Super Yoga Kids.

The course not only equipped me with the knowledge to teach other pregnant women, it also enhanced my own journey through pregnancy. The knowledge I gained gave me the confidence that I think every woman should have during her pregnancy. With the experience of teaching pregnancy yoga to others, I feel it is necessary for all pregnant women to learn yoga and experience a healthy, happy and confident pregnancy.

I learned how asanas can be adjusted to the comfort of any pregnant woman so that both mother and baby can receive the full benefits.

Pranayama techniques help to balance the hormones, calm and prepare the mother mentally throughout pregnancy and for labour. The baby too receives wonderful benefits from these practices.

My continued practice of Kriya, pranayama and asanas throughout pregnancy was very comfortable as it helped alleviate back pain, hormonal imbalance as well as mood swings.

Pregnancy yoga should be the first choice to stay fit, healthy and centred in a joyful manner for any expectant mother. More and more yoga is becoming widely recommended by midwives and doctors, and is considered as an ideal birth preparation programme."

- Aisshvarya, mother, part time yoga instructor



LocationCommencement DateDuration
DamansaraMay 13, 20243 days
KlangJune 09, 20243 days
SubangSeptember 22, 20243 days
DamansaraNovember 10, 20243 days
BangsarDecember 06, 20243 days