National Yoga Camp

National Yoga Camp

Supporting Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS)

This 6-day Yoga Camp organised by Malaysian Yoga Society is a vision of its founder, Master Manisekaran, who benefited from Yoga having been a practitioner ever since he was a teen. All programmes conducted in the camp were designed to nurture and inspire children and teens to progress and make healthy and positive lifestyle choices for themselves. At the camp, participants will learn the following and more:

Personality Development

Learnings from Yamas and Niyamas; how to respect oneself and others; how to be in harmony with the family; how to differentiate between good and bad; how to prevent from getting into bad company and how to rid bad habits.

Yoga Asanas

Yoga postures for better physical and mental health; weight management and cleansing techniques to reduce toxin, for better complexion and improvement of fitness.

Pranayama Techniques

Breathing techniques for internal health to keep the organs healthy and to prevent diseases.

Dharana Techniques

Concentration techniques for Super Memory and Superior Concentration Powers. These special techniques help students improve in their studies, score well and create a thirst in them to be successful individuals and become top students.

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