Kundalini Kriya Yoga: Self Mastery for Teens

Kundalini Kriya Yoga: Self Mastery for Teens


Bringing Forth Infinite Hidden Potentials

Essential self mastery techniques for the advancement of the growing minds and bodies.

Techniques learnt acts as a catalyst for potentials to blossom by nurturing and nourishing every important aspect of our teens externally and internally.

Highly important for teenagers to develop balance and stability in the body and mind, allowing the whole person to function with dynamism and positivism.

This is simply an amazing add-on for our future leaders!

Weekly: 2 hours

Why Kundalini Kriya Yoga: Self Mastery for Teens?

The Wonders of Experience

The Self is simply full of wonders! The Kundalini Kriya Yoga: Self Mastery course teaches you to directly experience and live the miraculous qualities within, and the more you discover, the nearer you are to the state of absolute mastery.

Getting to Know Me

The sessions allow you to discover and know everything about the body, the mind and the makeup of the intricate workings of the human machinery, the energies within and the truth about yourself. It allows us to discover the endless potentials that we behold.

Power Up with Dynamism

The Jundalini Kriya Yoga and other practices thought in this course has the ability to power up every single thought into productive, positive and progressive actions that lightens up the entire being. It allows us to be dynamic and industrious in body and mind while resting in an ever expanding peace and absolute calmness within.

Transform from Within

Discover and accept that the Self contains wisdom that we seek externally. Learn how to transform your life into an unending journey of truth and the deepest of wisdom flowing endlessly from within. Transform into a being filled with confidence and wisdom!

Building Blocks

Learn to master yourself by learning not to control the mind but to fuel it in the most constructive and uplifting ways. This is the perfect gift for the young leaders who will soon become mentors to others.


Adolescences are filled with energy and creative innovations. Let them learn to utilise their thought power, power of visualisation, power of imagination and learn to create the best possible outcomes, to elevate their life and also those around them.

Student's words....

"Hi, I am Nigel and have just completed Pre-University recently. I started to learn yoga when I was 13 and it was my mom who encouraged me to join the Super Yoga Kids program. Initially I joined because of my mother but as the months went by, I began to enjoy seeing my own progress with the asanas (yoga postures). Besides having a better knowledge of my strength and flexibility, I have also become calmer through yoga.

Meeting other people who are like minded about yoga would always be a great experience. I would say that one doesn’t feel so lonely in the practice of yoga. Sometimes I talk about learning yoga in school and my friends would always ask me to show them some of the poses, then we move on to other topics of discussion.

For me the food fair we had a few years back at La Salle School was the most meaningful MYS karma yoga project as we had a goal to achieve then - to build a yoga home. Well, even though my mom forced me to help out in that food fair (grinning), I'll say that Master Mani was the person who really inspired me to be involved.

This year's yoga competition is the only one I have participated in so far. I just thought I would participate to see where I stand and since I am leaving to further my studies in the United States later this year there may not be such an opportunity in the future. The experience showed me that I have so much more practicing to do in terms of asanas. I also had a chance to be the stage games coordinator during the event so it was fun to see my games ideas implemented.

I think all young people should take time to learn some skills; like yoga, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, etc. as these would make you a much more colourful character. For those interested in learning yoga, I would emphasise that one should find a school of yoga that best suits their needs whether mentally, physically or spiritually. You see, yoga is a form of science, a science of the body. It teaches us how to improve our body systems for a better state of life. Many of us do tend to overindulge in activities or foods which are not so healthy for us. It is good for us to learn more self control and yoga is a way to lead us towards this goal.             

After graduating from Super Yoga Kids, I continued my yoga training with Master Mani and learned Kriya Yoga which to me are mental practices that highly benefit disciplined individuals. As far as I can say, Kriya calms me and allows my mind to release blocked energies within the inner recesses of my mind. I find it amazing to just slip into a dreamlike state, to have short bursts of dreams yet be fully aware of my surroundings in certain practices.   

Now I have also completed the Level 1 International Yoga Instructor Course and if opportunity arises, I will definitely teach. If there is a community project I could start it would be to tutor others in school subjects like chemistry, biology and maths. For me it’s both fun and meaningful so I like to teach people very much." 

Updates from Nigel now attending Drake University at Des Moines, USA:

 “Good news, I'll be teaching yoga next semester, coz our yoga style is so much different that she (Health Center Coordinator) wants it as the yoga classes on campus are more like fitness classes. Thank you, mom, for sending me to yoga classes. This job can really beef up my resume and make some friends as well.”

Nigel's story is featured in YogaMail Oct-Dec 2011 issue.



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