Post Natal Yoga

Post Natal Yoga

Post Natal

Regain, Rejuvenate and Rejoice!

Stage 1: Mother Care

Being a new mom, you need to nurture and strengthen the body after child birth so you can provide to your bundle of joy comfortably. Give yourself the rights and time to acknowledge and surrender to the feelings of tiredness and turn it into motherly empowerment!

Allow yourself time to regain composure, rejuvenate health and rejoice motherhood!

Learn Yoga movements to help flatten the abdomen, arms and legs more quickly, and to assist the uterus in returning to its normal position. Relaxation and Breathing techniques to overcome anxiety and to avoid built up of tension.

Mother Care sessions contribute to complete physical and mental relaxation so you can enjoy motherhood to the max!

Stage 2: Mother & Baby Bond (Baby Yoga)
A truly special class for mother and baby to unite (in other words, ‘yoga!’). Feel great and confident to continue yoga with your baby while you continue to strengthen your body after child birth.

Give your baby the long lasting gift of yoga while you radiate with love, joy and good health.

Benefits for Babies:

  • Strengthens and helps in development.
  • Better sleeping patterns.
  • Better digestion.
  • Enhanced interaction, brain development activity and relaxation.
  • Pleasure and Fun!

Benefits for Parents:

  • Confidence in handling your newborn.
  • Enhance positivism and interaction.
  • Increase bonding between you and your baby.
  • More pleasure and fun with your baby!

Weekly: 60 minutes

Why Post Natal Yoga?

Muscles and Spine

Post Natal Yoga provides a tender and natural healing and restoration for weakened pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. The gentle sessions gradually allow the abdominal organs to go back into position while realigning the spine and body posture.

Composing the Mother

New mothers will be spending all her time caring for her bundle of joy. In the Post Natal Yoga session, she will be given some personal time to recuperate and rebuild her strength and composure, while easing into this transitional phase of new found joy and responsibilities. The comforting sessions work as an amazing ally which induces relaxation and reduces fatigue.

Time to Breathe

Practicing Post Natal Yoga allows the mother some ‘me-time’ to listen to her own body and to gracefully increase her fitness and endurance level at her own pace. The relaxation and breathing techniques thought in the sessions are great in dissolving emotional tensions, carving a beautiful smile on her face.

Shoulders and Neck

The round the clock caring for an infant would often result in a tensed shoulders and neck muscles. The posture acquired when feeding the baby is often a hunched-over posture, where if went uncorrected, could result in other forms of aches and pains. Yoga exercises can help to ease the tension and ‘remind’ the body of its proper posture.

Rock a Bye Baby

The classes provide a daily routine of activities through which the parent can engage constructively with their baby, and after the class many parents report that their baby’s behaviour becomes more ‘calm’ and co-operative.

Connecting the Dots

Baby yoga helps the parent and baby to get to know each other, enhancing communication and the natural bond between them. Through the high quality attention the baby receives from their parents, the baby learns to interact with others and play actively. Mothers will also have a chance to connect with other lovely mothers!