Family Yoga

Family Yoga

Family Yoga

One for All and All for One!

A wonderful way to spend time with family members while sharing the joy and health benefits of yoga in a fun yet relaxed environment. The Family Yoga sessions allow the whole family to connect with each other through family centered activities.

Expect weekly fun activities that promote positive communication between parents and children, as well as between partners!

Spoiler alert: It reawakens the inner child in adults too!

Weekly: 60 minutes

Why Family Yoga?

Establishes Connection

Through the fun Yoga movements and poses, the family members connect in a unique way that is very different from their daily communications. Here, they are guided to see each other’s strengths, and to provide support to each other by learning to complement and appreciate one another as a complete unit.

Unleashes Joy

Family Yoga encourages every member to find the fun and joy in the sessions. Laughter is ensured when members of different ages (and sizes) attempt to join together in the partner and team poses. It gives us a chance to relax and laugh at ourselves!

Opens the Minds

The test of faith/trust is always on top gear when we were put to work in close proximity with others. Family Yoga sessions require everyone to trust their family members as well as to gain trust from them. It gives us the chance to let go of any individual differences so that we can see beyond the physical appearances and head towards genuine understanding for each other.

A for Attention

As the relationship between family members strengthens in the course of the Family Yoga sessions, it also builds a healthy pattern in the individual to be more attentive to each other. Attention is fostered when needed and eased when space is required, just like the transitions in the Family Yoga poses.

B for Bonding

Family Yoga sessions are great in helping to improve social behaviour in kids (and adults!). The engaging group practices are always here to remind everyone that it’s important to communicate positively with each other to ensure a harmonious atmosphere.

C for Care

The constant touch and support displayed in Family Yoga sessions enlightens every family member that care can be shown in both verbal as well as non-verbal manners. Expression of care is equally cherished whether it is articulated or gestured.

Student's words....

“It made good sense to enrol in Family Yoga at Super Yoga Kids (SYK) since Arjun was already attending the Super Yoga Kids regular class and his younger brothers wanted to join in too. As for me, it’s the best of both worlds as I get to learn yoga while spending meaningful time together with my children. This is especially advantageous for me as a working parent and time is precious.

During the Family Yoga sessions parents and children are fully involved and help us to develop our relationship. Usually when parents send their children for extra-curricular classes, parents are not involved and they may only observe on the side line. Or during typical Malaysian family time like watching movies together, we are not having any interactions with each other until after the movie.

But in Family Yoga this is not the case. Parents get an opportunity to be role models for the kids. Like when I attempt to do a yoga pose, my children will say “Hey, look! Mum is doing it.” (Maybe they think, “Mum’s cool…”) and they feel even more motivated to follow and learn. This gives children another perspective of their parents as they are really taking an interest in learning and doing what they are learning too.”

Sheila’s favourite part of Family Yoga: “We especially love the blanket massage game as it has fostered so much better relations for all of us especially between Arjun and Kishen (somehow they tend to have more disagreements with each other). I would also play with them this game when we are at home together and it really brings us all closer to each other in terms of expressing our affections unconditionally. It’s a lot of fun. There are also many other games that we have learned which we now include in our family play time at home.”

Sheila’s observation of positive changes: “Arjun is rather timid by nature and the Family Yoga sessions really give him a chance to come out of his shell, unlike other classes where other children are involved and he tends to retreat. He has learned to speak up more and can open up better during activities.”

Fringe benefits: “We are all more aware of our health and how to take care of it from the yoga perspective. Recently I even participated in the yogic full intestinal cleansing here at Yoga Franchise which has helped improve my sinus condition, and I have not suffered any gastric pains since. Even my husband commented that my immune system has improved greatly as I am usually the first in the family to succumb to a bug if there is one. He has even encouraged me to do the cleansing again in the future.”

-Sheila Devi with Arjun, Kishen & Parveein



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