Yoga Camp in SRK (T) Ladang Rini, Skudai, Johor

by K. Saravana Sealan

I was seated behind the classroom, where the two-day Yoga Camp in SRK (T) Ladang Rini, Skudai, Johor organised by the Malaysian Yoga Society, on March 28 and 29 2014 was taking place, while our dear Master Mani was conducting the Yoga Session.  The graduates from the MYS National Yoga Camp who attended last year, were invited to be the monitors to these group of children attending the session.

Being in the facilitating team of the MYS National Yoga camp for two consecutive years, I was wondering what really makes these children tick and was busy looking out for cues and clues to piece them together. And while observing the whims and fancies of the children, one thing became glaringly evident, it was as though the children were saying “Teach us your technology, with Compassion and give us an Honest Shot. We will Rock the World! “  I realised that it was the same emotion that ran in everyone’s heart as I collected the testimonials this article.

Shanti Thinschmidt, a MYS Volunteer

I have had the great pleasure of having the Karma Yoga Team contribute their utmost compact knowledge and great techniques of Yoga which was delivered to the students of SJK(T) Ladang Rini, Skudai, Johor. The school has provided a tremendous safe and clean environment for the children during the two-day yoga camp.  Our Karma Yoga teachers and the volunteers have shown excellent co-operation to the students and making them comfortable and feel at home.  I did not expect such an event, which turned out to be such a fantastic event which was full of excitement and fun.

The students have shown great commitment in absorbing the knowledge and have shown a great interest in learning and practicing yoga with full commitment. Inspired by the children’s enthusiasm, the team members and I are motivated to conduct the similar trainings in future. As a trainer, I felt that the commitment of the team members are commendable and beyond my expectations. The children were really enjoying themselves and not even a minute was left unattended without supervision by the teachers and volunteers.

The co-operation between the school teachers and parents (PIBG) was remarkable. They were very polite, friendly, kind and appreciative. I also experienced a great tolerance and team work among them in organising this event. One of the many notable messages during this short but compact two-day camp has given to the students was the deeper awareness about the benefits of consuming healthy diet (food and drink). At the end of programme, many of the students were very inspired and vowed to continue this healthy eating habit.

The credit goes to the Karma Yoga teachers who were friendly and patient towards the students and able to explain the values of Yama and Niyama in very simple and effective ways, which in return the young children showed great interest to the event. I am very proud to be part of this team as am thankful to be given the opportunity to contribute positively towards good deeds. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the wonderful team members and volunteers for their priceless contribution towards spending their precious time and great efforts in moulding these innocent children. Last but not least, my utmost appreciation and thanks to our Master Manisekaran for accepting my brother, Kalai’s invitation and in making this event a wonderful and successful one.
Thanks ~  Om

Kartick – a Volunteer  and MYS National Yoga Camp Dec 2013, graduate

My expectation of the Camp was that the students could learn Yoga techniques as much as possible and apply it to their daily life. I observed that all the children managed to try out all the Yoga Asana, Pranayama, etc. I noted their perseverance to keep trying to complete all the Yoga Asana, which was commendable.

The students now know more about Yoga and they can apply it for their daily life to improve their health, studies and much more. All the participants enjoyed the camp. Most of them commented that they will recommend Yoga and encourage their friends to attend such camps.

As a volunteer to this camp, it gave me an opportunity to improve the Yoga techniques that I learned whilst at the MYS National Yoga Camp held last December in Kuala Lumpur. I will strongly recommend this Yoga camp to other schools and encourage more students to participate.

M.Mohaneiswaran, Student  and Participant (Age : 12 years)

I never had a chance to attend any yoga camp or yoga practice before. Initially, I thought the yoga training and practice was very difficult. But after joining the camp, I felt very happy and understood the importance of practicing yoga. I learnt the meaning and importance of Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama and many more. I also learnt about the benefits of eating vegetable and fruits, and the down side of eating fast food and processed food.

I understand that by continuing the practice of yoga it will make me healthier and feel more energetic and that regular practice will keep us healthy. I would like to thank the organising team and the Yoga teachers for such a wonderful camp. I will recommend this to my friends and advise them to participate. This will help them to be healthy too!

Mr.Selvanathan Ponan, PIBG Chairman

Organising this Yoga camp in our school was a good idea by Mr Kalai. Our school has had many disciplinary problems and many our students were very weak. Teachers had a tough time with some students. I noticed positive changes, especially with my daughter, who attended this Yoga Camp. She seems to be very active, lately.  While continuing to be a bright student, she now seems to perform even better in other school activities, too. I have promised Mr. Kalai, that we will organise an Annual Yoga Camp in our school.  Many parents have personally called me to thank our Yoga Camp Trainers, for conducting such a wonderful camp in our school.

Mr.Rajkumar Palmanaphan, Discipline Teacher / Parents Teachers Assoc. Secretary.

Yoga was indeed a new thing to me and my students, although we have heard and have seen it many times, this camp was an eye opener for all of us. Being a discipline teacher in school, I often had hard times with some of my students who often refused to change for their betterment. Various methods have been implied to gain the students’ attention and also to keep them focussed. I believe after this camp we have got a clearer set of students, they are more focussed and now they seem to practice yoga during school time. Some even taught me some easy lessons on Yoga! A few did their own research and gave us tremendous and remarkable results in a very short time span. Many are still surprised and refuted that the YOGA CAMP triggered the students, but being the coordinator of the programme, I personally knew it the moment I went to class the following day.

We organised a motivation camp in school on the week prior to the Yoga Camp. No doubt it also played a role in our students’ attitude, but most students enjoyed the Yoga Camp and they wanted us to organise it again. As promised I will work closely with Mr Kalai and we will definitely organise a Southern Yoga Camp by the end of this year, as I believe that I have to share this wonderful experience and knowledge to our community as a whole.

My heartiest gratitude to all the exceptional trainers who made us all feel more like a family rather than trainer/ trainee.  It takes a lot to do what you guys did. You will always have us for support when you are in Johor!

Mr.Kalai, Organiser of the Camp along with the School Teachers & Parents Teachers Association

I have to thank my sister, Shanti, for helping me organise this camp. I am a true believer of Yoga.
It has helped me in many ways. I personally conduct Yoga lessons in this school and I have a good bonding with the school. Through this Yoga Camp, I noticed most of the students are now able to concentrate and pay attention.

As we are having our weekly yoga session in the school, the teachers are really happy to see many students having a big change in their character. We should not stop here, more camps must be conducted, and I am planning to have a bigger camp organised by end of this year with the help of our school and other friends.